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A group of modders are really interested in revealing everything that virtual nature has to offer in World of Warcraft. So, they got on with their work and now they've finished a nice little patch set to undress every girl from every race available in Blizzard's game. Be it human, elf, gnome (those look really hidious), troll (bleah) or undead (aaaaaaaaa!), the girls are all there, ready and willing to be adminred. In other words, there is no racial discriminatian as far as World of Warcraft is concerned (I think it's for the first time that pr0n in politically correct. Remeber that! :D)

Unfortunately for WoW fans in general, and especially for our dear Yoshy, this patch requires a private server in order to work. Why doesn't it cope with an official server? Well, as you very well remember, we already had a blown out of proportions scandal concerning sex. A new Hot Coffee type of patch will take idiots like Jack Thompson out on the front page again, not to mention all those that will follow his crusade.

Well, enough talk already! A pciture's worth a thousand words, so enjoy the words below. The complete gallery is hidden here

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