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WoW Guide Level 1-50 in 2 Days Warcraft

Some of these programs work on and off depening on the patches.

Level 1-50 in 2 days... Horde guide w/Wowarp and T-search

*** A note before i begin. This will only cover the horde instances in detail since that is the onlyside i have properly researched using these techniques. In addition, unless you have the moneyto give your character top of the line equiptment and consumables, the mage is the only onethat can do all this because of the evocation skill and his massive amount of mana.Please remember that if you try to do teleporting and floating outside of instances, theprobability is VERY HIGH that you are going to get your entire account banned. Thus it issuggested that you only use the below hacks in instances.

Required hacks

WoWarp - Get to know this thing well cause your going to be useing it to move around most ofthe time in instances

T-search float hack- This is for finely adjusting your Z-value.General Strategy

- There is a massive differance between playing the game this way and playing it normally.There are a few things you must consider before attempting to level using these hacks andAOE's

1) Anything will kill you instantly. If you make any mistakes at all you will be killed by either 50melee hits, 25 ranged gun shots or 10 magic casts.

2)you must be at least 6 units off the ground (on the T search indicator) to be safe from melee.However if you are more then 8 units off the ground monsters with guns can fire at you.3) It is only possible to avoid caster and gun fire in certain instances. Instances that have eithera large roof or an infinite skybox (zul ferrak) will allow you to avoid caster fire. Otherwise it isimpossible.

You must be at least 52 units above the ground AND within line of sight of the caster monsterfor them to not be able to attack you. If you go through a roof they lose LOS, becomeinvulnerable and instantly regen all their health.

4) If you ever touch the ground in most cases you are going to instantly die. Therefore neverEVER hit any movment key except the left and right turn keys. Dont even use the right mousebutton to mouse look as it will sometimes cause you to drop. Doing anything in the air besidesusing left mouse button to look and arrow keys to turn is liable to get you killed. (hint: dont useblink)

- Against only melee monsters it is quite simple. Just hang out at 6 units above them and blastaway with AOE's. Some melee monsters can heal and they have a set HP limit that will get themto heal themselves... thus when you hit that limit try to kill them as fast as possible (usuallydone using arcane explosion instead of blizzard).

-Gun monsters can be fooled by pulling them to behind a corner where they cannot get LOS onyou until they are actually under you.

-Caster monsters cannot be fooled by anything except floating at least 54 units off the groundand not going through a roof or a invisible skybox.

-First aid is vital to staying alive. If you fuck up and take some damage, first aid is the only wayfor you to get some hp back if you dont have health potions.

-If a monster runs through the air and starts attacking you, hit them with polymorph. If thatdoesnt work (or they are immune), hit them with frost nova then use wowarp to movesomewhere else near by. IF that doesnt work (they are immune) then you are fucked so praythat particular mob doesnt come up into the air again Smile.Instance Progression + tips

Level 1-14

-You have to quest these levels unfortunatly. level 14 is your arcane explosion.

level 14-18

- Ragefire chasm is the place to be for these 4 levels. You have to do ragefire slower becauseyou MUST kill off each of the shamans one at a time. The tactic is to float up a bit.. pullmonsters ahead of you and kill the shaman (you dont want to try fighting two of these yet).Then you move on and kill the next shaman and the next. All along keeping the monsterstrained beneath you.

-Once you get to the cultists, kill the cultists and pull the melee grunts that are with them.(cultists use a DOT so unless you have lesser curse removal kill them one at a time).-At this point its a good idea to kill the whole mess of monsters that are below you.-Loot up and teleport over to the boss... make sure you are as far above him as you possiblycan be while still having range to hit him with your fireball.-nuke him down then loot.

Double spawning the ragefire instanceTo make this one go quicker i discovered a way to double spawn the instance.First, wait for the LAST SHAMAN THAT YOU KILLED TO RESPAWN. If you dont wait for theshaman to respawn, then the shaman are going to double spawn and your going to be in acrapload of trouble. AFter that, simply go outside, invite someone to the group, leave the groupinside the instance, wait for the box that says you are not allowed in this groups instance, leavethe instance, and finally go back in. If things havent double spawned yet go get some cookies orsomething and wait. They will eventually double spawn everything you killed at the same timewhen you got to the end of the instance.

Level 18-23-Wailing caverns. Same tactics as above except i could not get this one to double spawn.(Ragefire i think is the only instance that is capable of double spawning). If you are feeling verygutsy or you have some skill by now with the hacks, try pulling everything to the big waterfallroom, including the caster monsters. Set your T search to have hotkeys that allow you to go upby 48 and down by 48, up by 6 and down by 6 respectivly. Once you have all the casters andshit in the level pulled to the waterfall room (without dieing on the way... good luck). Stay at 54range up (or whatever the range is that they cannot hit you but you are still not through theroof). The idea is to hit the hotkey down, quickly turn a bit and hit them with a semi-instantarcane explosion, then hotkey back up before they can get their spells off. IF you do it right,their spells will fizzle and you can go down again for another attack.-If you dont want to die tons, just move along killing the druids of the

fang as you go. It isdifficult to kill them without the aid of first aid and health potions. Keep nuking them until youget low health. If it looks like you are going to die before they change into a snake, use apotion. If not, bandage yourself up when they turn into a snake then resume nuking.

Level 22-26-Shadow fang keep is the place to be for these levels. Simply teleport to the bottem of the maintower, piss one of the mobs off then teleport up to the wolfmaster. Piss the wolfmaster off thenteleport a little bit down and wait at the giant wolf room (remember to turn a bit so that yourposition updates).

-If you want, once everything is below you in the tower, teleport just outside where the ghostofficers are patrolling and piss them off to. Everything will be below you.-Watch out for the son of arugals gift... sometimes 4 or 5 of them cast all at once and eventhough it looks like you have one curse, you have 5 on you. (instant death). So make sure youuse a curse removal spell generously to keep yourself alive. (in addition to first aid).

level 26-30

-Gnomeregan. In the main section it is high enough to avoid gunfire. Find a good position in theair that is over the bottem ground and savepos. Go piss off the mobs that are on the ground inthe airport section then teleport back to your saved position. They will run ALL the way backpulling tons and tons of shit to you. do NOT go down to +6 off the ground untill you arecompletely sure all of them are there. If you have to, move around a bit to get them all stackedon top of each other.

Level 30-35

-Go to scarlet monastaries graveyard (its opposite of the library). Pull everything to you and kill.They have absolutly no ranged abilities so this is an easy 7 levels.

level 35-44

-Scarlet cathedral. Again this is a very simple pull. Just go straight up to the commander andattack him. He will pull everything right under you in a nice circle. Proceed to nuke the livingcrap out of everything.

level 44-50

-Mauradon. Go to the corrosive section and pull the slimes there. They have no ranged attacksso kill them with impunity. Watch out for the ranged dryads that patrol near there though.Good luck and have fun

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