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WOW Cheats Multiple Pets Out at Once

This has been posted before but I think it was nerfed if not sorry for posting this,but it now works again.
Make a macro saying
/use (petname)
for example
/use Red Dragonhawk Hatchling
and you would put this over and over and over through the macro until maxed out. Then you would add it to your quick use bar and voila! The multiple pets will not stay but its funny to see and other people are amazed at this. Just so you all know this is not hunters pet this is a pet you buy from vendors.
Heres a picture of me doing it with the red dragonhawk hatchling
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I am split here. The pets do spawn like six times, but they dissapear almost instantly and only leave one pet. If you spam the button they keep spawning and dissapearing over and over. So it's only good for a quick laugh not not much more. Still, it does work sooooo...

This does work. If you alternate in the macro from one pet to another you can have say a couple bunnies out and a parrot if you spam the button. Also if u click the button once and then press forward to run u end up sliding along without moving your feet.

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