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WOW Bots-BG Auto Join AFK Bot-Brand New Version

I couldnt figure out all those hard AFK bots (Im too noob to use Auto-it) so I made 1 using combination of programs that is easy to use.

Required Program and addons
1:Titan Panel

2: Titan BG



Step by step Tut
1: Get all of those programs
2:Set up TitanBG so it auto que for BG and Auto Leave
3:Type this in Exhume

do while true
sleep 60000
Keyboard.SendKeys 'w'

4: Run automouse Clicker
5: Find out where the middle of the screen is by using Locate. Doesnt have to be accurate
6: Make sure that mouse Clicker use Right Click instead of left
8: Use mouse interval of 30000 (30seconds)
9: Stand in front of BG master and use first person view and make sure that you are facing north. Dunno why but it works
10: run Exhume script and Mouse clicker.
11: get back to WoW window and talk to the bg master.
12 Leave the WoW window active

13: Go to the pub

You are welcome to hug me anytime u like

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