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Crafting Leatherworking 1-200

Ok, first off, leatherworking is a resource hog. I spent a grip of gold powerleveling this profession just to 200. We will start with an itemization based on the items I used to get to 200. As always, your milage may vary and these are not my hard numbers used to get to 200. These numbers are what you should expect to consume during the leveling process.

Light leather: 255 (sure seemed like more)
Medium leather: 160
Heavy leather: 200

Light hide: 0
Medium hide: 25
Heavy hide: 20

Course thread: 150
Fine thread: 65
Silken thread: 10

Grey dye: 20
Green dye: 10

Salt: 85

Now that you have all your consumables, it’s time to start crafting….and crafting….and CRAFTING.

1-30: Light armor kits
30-40: Light leather quiver
40-50: Light armor kit
50-55: Hand stitched leather boots
55-90: Embossed leather gloves
90-100: Fine leather belt
100-115: Medium armor kit
115-125: Dark leather boots
125-135: Dark leather belt
135-150: Hillman’s shoulders
150-180 Heavy armor kit
180-190: Green leather bracers
190-200: Guardian gloves

All the items I chose to grind on were either with resale in mind (to offset the cost of mats) or pure skill ups. I’ll go over each item and detail my reason for choosing it.

Light armor kits: No brainer. They take 1 light leather and are yellow all the way to 50. They sell ok on the AH too.

Light leather quiver: These take 2 light leather and 1 course thread. Every hunter wants (or should want) one so resale is great. They are orange to 40 so take the guaranteed skill up.

Light armor kits: We go back to light armor kits because it’s just smart due to the minimal resources. It’s yellow but if youre on a budget it’s the way to go.

Handstitched leather boots: Filler item just to get to 55. Vendor trash.

Embossed leather gloves: Good for grinding because of the low resources used. More vendor trash

Fine leather belt: Another grey grinder to get to 100. **DON’T VENDOR THESE** (You’ll see why in a bit)

Medium armor kits: Just like light armor kits, they are reasonable on the resources and will sell on the AH.

Dark leather boots: Filler item. Vendor trash

Dark leather belt: THIS is the reason we kept those fine leather belts. Almost no resources (minus the hide) and these things sell well on the AH. I put 4 up at 50s and they all sold first time. I’m betting you can get more.

Hillman’s shoulders: The perfect grinding item. Reasonable resources and they sell very well. These shoulders are the first decent green for an up and coming rogue/feral druid. DE is also an option but you’ll do better to AH them.

Heavy armor: Same as light and medium armor kits. AH them or give them out to guildies.

Green leather bracers: Nothing exciting about these. Crappy stats but the best option for leveling at this point. I recommend DE for the vision dust/GME

Guardian gloves: Vendor trash.

Well, there you have it. Leatherworking 1-200 with full itemization. This is not the be all end all of LW grinding but more of a guide for those looking for a quick, semi-painless way to power level. These are many other patterns that sell well while youre climbing the LW ladder. Give those a try if youre skilling up while you level your character.


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