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1-20 Draenei

Before starting make sure to download a coordinate add-on. I prefer to use Titan panel for my coordinates. You will find these add ons at


Level 1-5

Run towards the first quest giver Megelon and accept his quest You Survived!
Proceed to Proenitus (80,45) and turn in You Survived! and pick up Replenishing the Healing Crystals. Turn around and begin killing moths until you have you 8 Vials of Moth Blood. Pick up Urgent Delivery! and run to Zalduun at (80,49), turn in Urgent Delivery! and pick up Rescue the Survivors. Find your class trainer and train level 2 skills.

Back outside, talk to Proenitus again and pick up Botanist Taerix. Run to Taerix at (79,46) turn the quest in and pick up Volatile Mutations. Turn around and run north slightly and kill 8 Volatile Mutations and find a crash survivor to use the racial Gift of the Naaru on them. Continue killing Volatile Mutations until you ding level 3.

Return to Botanist Taerix to turn in Volatile Mutations and pick up What must be Done…, then to Apprentice Vishael and receive Botanical Legwork. Run into the ship and turn in Rescue the Survivors. Put your new bag on you bag slots and run out to (74,47). Once you arrive, begin killing all Mutated Root Lashers for the Lasher Samples, while picking up 3 Corrupted Flowers. Continue killing the Lashers until you ding level 4. Once level 4, return to the Botanist and Apprentice. Turn in the quests and pick up Healing the Lake.

Go into the ship and sell all items you don’t need and train your level 4 skills. Once ready, go out the south exit and pick up Spare Parts and Inoculation. Run south into the lake to the Crystal at (77,5Cool and disperse the neutralizing agent. Go out of the lake on the east side and look for the Nestlewood Moonkin and use the Inoculating Crystal on them. Once you have all 6 moonkin inoculated, run to the Nestlewood caves at (82 62) and look for Emitter Spare Parts. Continue killing moonkin until you are 1200 experience into level 4. Return to the Crash Site when done.

Turn in the three quests and pick up The Missing Ranger. You will find Tolaan at (72,60). Accept his quest and go south and slay 10 scouts and return to Tolaan when done. Accept his new quest Blood Elf Spy. You will find the Surveyor at (69,65) and he will also drop an item for the quest Blood Elf Plans. Stay here until you have 2,000 experience into level 5. Return to the Crash Site once done.

Turn in both quests in to Vindicator Aldar and pick up the Transmitter which you turn into the npc right next to him. Pick up the quest Travel to Azure Watch. Before leaving, make sure to sell all items not needed and train level 6 skills.

Level 5-10

Once ready, run west to the other side of the island and continue to (65,54) to pick up the quest Word from Azure Watch. Continue across the river and pick up Red Snapper – Very Tasty! With your net, run up and down the river and use it on schools of the red snapper. Turn in the quest once down and take the follow up Find Acteon. Keep following the path west and you will run into Azure Watch.

In Azure Watch, turn in the three quests you have and set the Watch to your hearthstone.
Accept the following quests:
Medicinal Purposes – First Aid Trainer
The Great Moongraze Hunt – Hunter Trainer

Run southeast from the Watch and begin slaying all Moongraze and Trappers you see. Continue until you have 6 tenderloin from the Moongraze and 8 Trapper vines from the Root Trappers. Stay out here killing mobs until you ding level 7.

Back in town turn in quests and receive the following
An Alternative Alternative – Alchemist Daedal
The Great Moongraze Hunter – Hunter Trainer

Leave north of town and look for the Moongraze Bucks now and collect their hides. Starting at (50,35), you will start to find the Azure Snapdragons around the tree trunks. After you have both quests finished, return to Azure Watch and turn them in. Receive the follow up from Alchemist Daedal, The Prophecy of Velen. Run south out of town to (47,70) and turn in the quest. Pick up the quests
A Small Start – Admiral Odesyus
Cookie’s Mumbo Jumbo – Cookie

Begin running east along the coast killing all crawlers until you have 6 crawler meat. Once you reach the goblin camp, you will find the map at (58,66) on top of a crate and the compass at (59,67) on top of another crate. Continue killing the crawlers or venture co goblins until you ding level 8. Return to Odesyus’ Landing when done. Accept the following quests:
I’ve got a Plant – Admiral Odesyus
Reclaiming the Ruins – Priestess Kyleen Il’dinare
Precious and Fragile Things Need Special Handling – Archaeologist Adament Ironheart

You will find the leaves and hollowed out tree around (48,63). Collect the 5 pile of leaves as you run back to Azure Watch to train level 8 skills and sell all items you don’t need. Pick up the quest, The Missing Fisherman. Once done run southwest to (35,7Cool. You will find the relics scattered through the ruins and naga wandering around. Eventually a naga will drop a tablet for the quest Rune Covered Tablet.

Back at the Landing, turn in all 4 quests and get the quest Tree’s Company and Warlord Sriss’tiz. Running west to the other island, and you will find the naga flag at (18,84). Use the disguise in your bag to start the event. Once the event is over, follow the coast west to the docks where you will find Cowlen. Accept his quest and begin killing the owlbeasts. The remains are a random drop. While killing the Owlkin, run north (13,73) to find Magwin with the quest A Cry For Help. Escort her all the way to Cowlen or just skip it if you don’t want to. Either way, return to Cowlen and turn the quest in when you have the remains and go east for Warlord Sriss’tiz. The cave which he is in is at (27,76). Follow the wall to the left and eventually you will find the Warlord. He is a level 10 normal mob and goes down easy. Return to the Landing when you are done.

Back at the landing, turn in the two quests and get the quest Show Gnomeracy. Run east along the coast and look for Engineer Overspark walking up and down it. Talk to him and kill him for the Traitor’s Communications and return to the Landing for the follow up Deliver them from Evil. Run up to Azure Watch, turn in Deliver them from Evil to Exarch Menelaous.

Run to the bonfire and accept the quest Learning the Language. Use the book in your bag, and use the totem and get its follow up. Now, follow the spirit or just run to (55,41) to find the Totem of Coo. Accept the quest, follow the spirit to the top of the cliff and let it give you the buff to fly and jump off the cliff and run to the Totem of Tikti at (64,39). Accept that quest, get the water buff, and swim out to the Totem of Yor at (63,67). Accept this last quest and either run with the spirit or directly go to (28,62) to find the last Totem. Once here accept his quest The Prophecy of Akida. Go into the village here and slay all furbolgs and loot keys from their corpses. Release a Stillpine Furbolg in the cages for each key you have. Once you have released all 8 return to Azure Watch and ding to level 10. On the Way to Azure Watch, kill all Nightstalker Runts until you get a crystal for the quest Strange Findings. Accept it and turn it into Azure Watch.

Level 10-15

Now that you are level 10 you have more quests available begin by getting these quests:
Level 10 Trainer quest – Class Trainer
Stillpine Hold – Arugoo
Nightstalker Clean up, Isle 2 – Exarch Menelaous
Coming of Age – Exarch Menelaous

Complete your level 10 class quest at your leisure. When ready, leave Azure Watch from the east. Run to (81,51) and turn in Coming of Age and pick up Elekks Are Serious Business. From here run to (45,20) and turn in Stillpine Hold. On the way to the Hold, slay all Infected Nightsalker Runts you find. Pick up the quests:
Beasts of the Apocalypse – Moordo
Mulocs….Why here? Why now? - Gurf

Run west to Menagerie Wreckage at (54,21). Kill the Ravagers until you have your 8 hides and continue killing them until you ding level 11. Return to Stillpine Hold once done. Now run to the west coast near (35,19) and kill murlocs until you have 5 grain bags. Continue killing murlocs until you find the named Murgurgula. Kill him for Gurf’s Dignity and accept the quest from the item. Return to Stillpine Hold once both are done.

Back at the Hold, turn in both quests and pick up:
Search Stillpine Hold – High Chief Stillpine
Chieftain Oomooroo – Stillpine the Younger

Go into the cave and begin slaying all Wildkin you find. Follow the right path find Chieftain Oomooroo. In the very back of the cave, find the Red Crystal and click it to finish the quest Search Stillpine Hold and receive its follow up. Return to the Hold, turn in both quests and receive the quest The Kurken is Lurkin’ from Kurz the Revelator. Go back inside the cave and follow the left path to find the Kurken. Kill it and loot its hide and return to the Hold to turn it in and the follow up The Kurken’s Hide. Turn the quest into Moordo and go back to High Chief Stillpine for the quest Warn Your People. Back at the Watch, turn in Warn Your People and Nightstalker Clean up, Isle 2 to ding level 12.

Train your level 12 skills and run to the north part of the island and to the next one at (63,87). Turn in Elekk Are Serious Business and pick up the quests:
Alien Predators – Vorkhan the Elekk Herder
A Favorite Treat - Aonar
The Kessel Run – Kessel

Accept The Kessel Run last to receive the Elekk mount to ride. First run to Stillpine Hold at (46,20) and talk to High Chief Stillpine. Then south to Azure Watch at (47,50) to talk to Exarch Menelaous. And then finally Odesyus’ Landing at (46,70) and talk to Admiral Odesyus. Once done, return to Kessel at (63,87) and pick up Declaration of Power.

From Kessel’s Crossing, run west along the coast picking up all Sand Pears you find near the trees. While picking up pears, slay 10 Bloodmyst Hatclings. When both are done return to the Crossing to turn them in. Now run northwest through the Bristlelimb camp killing all in your path to Wrathscale Lair at (66,71). Begin working your way up to Lord Xiz. Kill him and plant your flag. Stay here until you ding level 13.

Back at the Crossing, turn in Declaration of power and pick up Report to Exarch Admetius and run north from the Crossing to Blood Watch. At Blood Watch post, make it your home and pick up;
Bed, Bandages and Beyond – Caregiver Tophel Loaal
Know Thine Enemy – Vindicator Aalesia
Catch and Release – Morae
Irradiated Crystal Shards – Vindicator Boros
Explorers’ League. Is that something for gnomes? – Prospector Nachlan
Mac’Aree Mushroom Menagerie – Jessera of Mac’Aree
Learning from the Crystals – Harbinger Mikolaas
Wanted: Deathclaw – Wanted Poster

Turn in Report to Exarch Admetius and pick up What Argus means to me. Go to Boros and pick up Blood Watch. Do not turn in Bed, Bandages and Beyond just yet.

Running south of town, go to the bridge between the two parts of the island and go underneath it to find the Stinkhorn in the water. After you have a stinkhorn, run southwest to the murloc camp at (51,90). On the way to the camp, look for a blood mushroom and kill all mobs to get the 10 Irradiated Crystal Shards. At the murloc camp, use the Murloc Tagger on 6 Murloc Scouts. While tagging the Scouts, look for Cruelfin. Kill him and loot the necklace to receive the quest Cruelfin’s Necklace.

After this, run to Nazzivian and the monument at (36,71). After you have the glyph, you will find the felcone inside the camp near tents. Stay here until you have all 10 Irradiated Crystal Shards. Kill around the monument until Tzerak paths to you. Kill him and loot the quest item for Signs of the Legion. Finish the quest and return to Blood Watch.

Back at the Watch turn in all 7 quests and ding to level 14. Accept the follow quests;
The Missing Survey Team – Exarch Admetius
Containing the Threat – Vindicator Aalesia

Do not pick up Victims of Corruption as the Treants are to few for the quest to be completed quickly.

Now go to Laando for Bed, Bandages and Beyond and receive his follow up. In the Exodar, train your level 14 skills and go to Nurguni in the Seat of the Naaru. Get the follow up, go back to Watch and turn it in. From the tracker get the quests;
Constrictor Vines – Tracker Lyceon
The Bear Necessities – Tracker Lyceon

From the Watch, run northwest to the Survey Team at (61,4Cool. Turn in the quest and receive the follow up Salvaging the Data. Kill the naga in the area until you have the data. Make sure to pick a Ruinous Polyspore in the area. Stay here until you are 9,000 into level 14. Return to the Watch once done.

Back at the Watch turn in Mac’Aree Mushroom Menagerie and Salvaging the Data for The Second Sample. If you have any extra Irradiated Crystal Shards, turn them in for a pick at of the 3 rewards. Before leaving, sell all items and buy 2 more 6 slot bags from the General Goods vendor.

A short distance to the northwest is the Bladewood and the Sunhawk spys. You will find the Altered Bloodmyst Crystal at (45,47). Get the shard and the 10 Spys and ding to level 15 before returning to the Watch.

At the Watch, turn in The Second Sample for The Final Sample and Blood Watch for Intercepting the Message. And the following quest from reaching level 15;
Urgent Delivery – Messenger Hermesius
Searching for Galaen – Morae
Ysera’s Tears – Jessera of Mac’Aree

Level 15-20

Go to your mailbox and take out the letter from the admiral and accept The Bloodcurse Legacy. Leave the watch and go back to the Bladewood. Kill the Sunhawks until you receive the Sunhawk Missive. Once you have it run north and start killing all Mutated Constrictors and Elder Brown Bears. At (41,35) you will find Axxarien. Begin killing the Satyrs here for Containing the Threat. You will find the corrupted crystal throughout the camp. You will find Zevrax at (41,29) and next to him is the crystal you need to mine.

Once done, leave Axxarian and run to ( 42, 21). On the way there, kill the bears and constrictors you need for each quest. At Clopper, turn in the explorers’ league quest and pick up his two quests. Run west to (38,22) to find his equipment. Kill the murlocs for their idols and knives. Once both are done, go back to Clopper for turn in. Accept the quest item you get for A Map to Where? Run west along the coast to find Deathclaw around (36,31) After he is dead, run to (61,41) for A Map to Where? Before leaving the northern area, make sure you have all your vines and bear flanks and you ding level 16.

At (61,41) you will find a book for A Map to Where? and the follow up Deciphering the Book. Return to the Watch and turn in all 7 quests. Receive the following quests;
Translations... – Interrogator Elysia
Culling the Flutters – Trakcer Lyceon
Nolkai’s Words – Anchorite Paetheus
Talk to the Hand – Harbinger Mikolaas
The Missing Expedition – Achelus

Do Translations... and receive the follow up Audience with the Prophet. Go to the Exodar, train level 16 skills and go to Prophet Velen in the Vault of Lights. Turn in the quest to him and receive Truth or Fiction. Return to the Watch once ready. At the Watch turn in Truth or Fiction for I Shoot Magic Into the Darkness.

Leave town and head east to the mound of dirt at (61,49) for Nolkai’s Words. Open up the box and loot the random item and the 8 slot bag. Run to the northeast island to
(74, 34) and talk to Prince Toreth for Restoring Sanctity. While on the island, make sure to 2 Ysera’s Tears. They are green mushrooms and give out a green aura to it. You will find the Captain at (79, 22) for The Bloodcurse Legacy. Accept The Bloodcurse Naga and go out and do it. This should level you to level 17. Receive his follow up The Hopeless Ones… Go into the ship at (82, 20) from the top and kill the bloodcursed voyagers until you have the 4 souls. If you don’t get all 4 from the first ship, swim farther east and at the bottom of the ocean you will find more ships with bloodcursed voyagers. Back at the Captain, get his last quest Ending the Bloodcurse. Make sure to get buff again and swim to the island south of that one. At the top is the statue; rest up and click it to spawn Atoph. He is a level 19 mob that goes down quickly.

Before returning to the Captain, go back to the main island and do Restoring Sanctity at the Ragefeather Ridge. Back at the Prince, receive Into the Dream. Kill the whelps on the island for the quest. After you turn in this quest, you wont be able to accept the quest until you are level 19. Now go back to the Captain at (79, 22) and get his buff first, then turn in the quest.

From the island go west to The Warp Piston at (53, 21). You will get the complete for the portal site being found. Just kill the 5 anomalies and be done. Begin running back to Blood Watch while killing the 10 Blue Flutters near the Satyr Camp. Return to Blood Watch when you are done. Turn in the three quests and ding to level 18. Accept the follow quests;
What We Know... – Vindicator Aesom
The Cryo-Core – Vindicator Kuros
Talk to the Exarch for What We Know… and receive What We Don’t Know. Become the Blood Elf and run down below and talk to the prisoner in the cage. Go back to the Exarch and get the last quest Vindicator’s Rest. Go to the Exodar and train level 18 skills and hearth to the watch.

From the Watch go west to (37,61) for the Cryo-Core and Galaen’s Corpse. At the Core, the medical supplies can be picked up or looted from the Blood Elves. At the coords, you will find Galaen’s Corpse and his quest Galaen’s Fate. Use the book next to him for Galaen’s Journal. Kill the Blood Elves until you have his necklace.

At the Watch turn in your three quests. Get the two quests Matis the Cruel and Don’t Drink The Water. Run northwest to (34,33) at the bottom of the waterfall for Don’t Drink The Water. Go back up and near Vindicator’s Rest at (31,49) you will find Martus the Cruel along the path. If he isn’t there, wait for him on the road. Once you see him, use the flare gun and take him down. You don’t need to completely kill him to get the complete. Turn in the quests at the Watch and receive the quest Limits of Physical Exhaustion.

Accept the following quests;
Clearing the Way
Fouled Water Spirits
Oh The Tangled Webs They Weave – Vindicator Corin
Cutting a Path - Scout Jorli
Critters of the Void – Scout Loryi

On the other side of the mountain you will find the water spirits. Go back and turn it in once done. Run south to find the Tanglers and Ravagers and once done, turn them in. Run northwest to (23,42) for The Missing Expedition. Make your way through the pass completing the quest and level from killing the spiders.. Once done, go south to The Vector Coil for Limits of Physical Exhaustion. Even farther south at (20,63) you will find Critters of the Void. The easiest way to do this is to get at the edge of the pool and kill them as they come out. They come out in batches and die in one hit. Once done, hearth back to Blood Watch.

At Blood Watch, turn in your 3 quests. You now have Clearing The Way, Ending Their World once you pick it up and going back to Wyrmscar Island, Razormaw, 3 elite quests to do and one normal quest to do; The Sun Gate. Begin running back to the pool near The Vector Coil while looking for a group for the elite quests. You will only need one person to do the quests. Back at the pool, just use the 4 crystals around the portal and then finally the portal itself to get the complete. There is no follow up to the quest.

After you get a group for the 2 quests at The Vector Coil, turn in Ending Their World at Blood Watch and Clearing The Way at Vindicator’s Rest and Razormaw at Prince Toreth.

Once you are done with all quests talk to Anchorite Paetheus for Newfound Allies. Fly to the Exodar and run to (24,54) and talk to the Huntress. Receive her quest and wait for the boat now. In Auberdine, go into the north building.

Turning in the quest, you will ding to level 20.

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