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Nice way to skip this annoying quest...
5.00 Rated 1 Time(s)

If you've leveled in the Outlands, you know about the pain in the arse quest 'City of Light' - it's boring, and it takes about 7 or 8 minutes of following an npc around. Lose him around the corner? Sorry, start over. Have to answer the phone/door? Sorry, start over.

Well, I got tired of this quest on my third alt to do it, so I tried something out - you can start the quest, go to the end...

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Easy Gold Once A Day Teremus The Devoure...
5.00 Rated 1 Time(s)

I'm sure many of you have visited the Blasted Lands at some point and have noticed the large dragon that always seems to sneak up behind you while you are questing/farming? Well, if you and a few of your friends are level 60, then you have found an ample source of gold.

Teremus is a weak boss dragon, it only takes 4-5 people to kill him. He has been done by 2 people before, but they were f...

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How to Unlock 1.9 AQ Unlocking Guide...
5.00 Rated 1 Time(s)

1.9 AQ Unlocking

With the new patch, there have been the release of two new locked zones. The way that these zones are unlocked is through a massive turn-in that involves the entire server, and of all levels. Basically you need to talk to a War Effort NPC in one of the major cities, and they will give you a quest to talk to another person. Once you intiate that, the NPC will ask you to turn...

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WoW Gold Fast - Rags to Riches...
5.00 Rated 1 Time(s)

okie.. I'm gonna release my secret on how i went from newbie to rich newbie,.. i've held onto
my trade secrets like any wise man would.. but you all deserve to know. follow the steps below
and you will be rich quick and pretty rich for awhile..

Ok as the subject is newbie i will start from there..
To begin your fishing Start near your hometown.. just to level your fishing.. fish ...

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1K Gold An Hour, Level 60 Mage - World o...
5.00 Rated 1 Time(s)

It possible with some work, a lvl 60 mage, and some hacking. Use this while you can, because
the market will probably be flooded with Plans:Invulnerable Mail in no time.

You need to be familliar with Mobius. Here is what you do:
Go to Blackrock Spire. Teleport to 'Anvilcrack'. He should aggro you immediately. Teleport to
'Anvil Kill'. Wait a few minutes for the mobs to get ther...

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Jewelcrafting 1-300 For Burning Crusade...
4.90 Rated 10 Time(s)

Rough Stone Statues (10 Rough Stone) – Made 8
Delicate Copper Wire (2 Copper Bars) – Made About 40
Prospecting (regular skill-ups to about 50)

Malachite Pendant (1 Delicate Copper Wire, 1 Malachite) – Made about 25
Tigerseye Band (1 Delicate Copper Wire, 1 Tigerseye) – Made about 25
Coarse Stone Statue (10 Coarse Stone)
Bronze Setting (2 Bronze Bars)

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How to change models...
4.80 Rated 5 Time(s)

I'm already premium subscribed, so I suppose this is for points. All you need to do is download MyWarcraftStudio version 0.8... Then you need to go to the bar at the top and find a dropdown menu called "Pack"

Follow these steps:

1. Bring out the "Pack" dropdown menu, then select "Create MPQ Archive" this can be named whatever you want, place t...

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Trivia Bot 2 point 3 Hacked Its an addon...
4.75 Rated 4 Time(s)

Got a friend of mine to upload a hacked version of the WoW Trivia bot. Basically it allows the player to use it in the say and yell channels ( where as the original one had a protection thing against doing that).

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Lethals Pocket Guide to Efficient Leveli...
4.75 Rated 8 Time(s)

[5] Tips * Request or Email *
This guide was created to help people understand that leveling is
a form of experience. I am making this to share my experiences
with all of you. Leveling can be done efficiently, and hassle free
if you know what you are doing. So sit back grab a cold one and
enjoy my guide. Any questions or comments email me at...

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Fishing Bot...
4.75 Rated 4 Time(s)

- Bobber scanning has test results of 95%+ accuracy with great speed
- Fish scanning has test results of 70%+ accuracy
- Easy-to-change constants for tweaking
- Supports any resolution (yes, even non-standard ones like really stretched out)
- Supports CosmosUI
- Dynamic RGB color finding (works in practically any light)
- AFK-Away ©

1. Copy/Paste the co...

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Easy Money Quest Items AQ20...
4.69 Rated 13 Time(s)

Well this have to be done AFTER you clear instance with your guild. Since Blizzard did give 3 days reset time no mobs are respawned (almost none) and this give you oportunity to go inside and kill easy mobs like Silicate Feeder who drops Idols, Scarabs and Larval Acid. Silicate Feeder are located near 5th boss (Ayamiss the Hunter) and can be soloed but watch not t...

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Priceless fun in Nagrand as warlock PKin...
4.67 Rated 3 Time(s)

In Nagrand on the NW corner theres 2 camps with deamons, elite ones, that you can enslave, you can use them to kill the bosses for those 3 quests that require you to kill 3 bosses, but, it is more fun to chase horde with the elite pet.

How you do it, target the elite from far away, then move forward until you can cast, it will be yours, but since the cannon ...

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Twinking Guide for Hunters...
4.67 Rated 3 Time(s)

Best race: Night Elf, Troll, Orc
Head: Lucky Fishing Hat (+8agil/+100hp)
Neck: Honored wsg neck
Shoulders: Talbar Mantle
Back: Glowing Lizardscale Cloak (+3agil)/Sentry Cloak (+3agil)
Chest: Tunic of Westfall (+4allstats/+100hp)/Blackened Defias Armor (+4allstats/+100hp)
Wrist: Forest Leather Bracers (+9 stam)/ Wrangler's Wristbands of Power (+9stam)
Hands: Scouting G...

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Crafting Leatherworking 200-300...
4.67 Rated 3 Time(s)

This came out of a response to another thread and ended up being a detailed grinding guide. I hope this helps you struggling LWs out there. I know I wish I had it when I was wallowing in the mid 200s.

200-220(ish) Thick armor kits

215-230 Big Voodoo Robe
Youre going to have to buy the pattern but it really shouldn...

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Download Joanas 1-70 Horde Leveling Guid...
4.67 Rated 6 Time(s)

This week I want to tell you about Joana's 1-70 Horde guide,  and Brian Kopp's 1-70 Alliance  guide! Joana and Brian's guides are some of the more popular World of Warcraft  guides out there. Their method of teaching you and detail they go ...

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solo a chest in Ramparts for rougues...
4.60 Rated 5 Time(s)

This is how you solo a chest in Ramparts without 'hacks' or any programs, as a rogue and possibly with a lot of invisability pots and a class that can drop combat.

1st. Zone into a fresh instance, then kill the first 2 mobs at the beginning of the instance.

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1-20 Draenei...
4.60 Rated 5 Time(s)

Before starting make sure to download a coordinate add-on. I prefer to use Titan panel for my coordinates. You will find these add ons at


Level 1-5

Run towards the first quest giver Megelon and accept his quest You Survived!
Proceed to Proenitus (80,45) and turn in You Survived! and pick up Replenishing the Healing Crystals. Turn around and begi...

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Warcraft Alliance Grind 1-40 4Days Guide...
4.60 Rated 5 Time(s)

I just got my rogue to lvl 60 and I decided to make a priest (Very high demand on my server). And when I got to lvl 35 I looked at my time spent ( /played) it was only 4 days. So I thought I would share this with you.

*1 - 10 Starting area (ex. Darnassus, Elywnn)
*10 - 18 Westfall (Grinding - questing) Deadmines once for loot
18 -20 Wetlands (Grinding - few quests)
20 - 25 Duskwood...

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WOW Macros Warlock felhunter Macro...
4.50 Rated 2 Time(s)

Felhunter Devour/attack
This macro I usually bind to my 'F' key...what is does is has your Felhunter attack if he isnt already; then he check to see if u have any debuffs on, if u do he removes it, then he checks to see if the enemy has any buffs on him...if he does he removes it, finally it checks to see if the person the enemy is targetting has a debuff on him and if he does removes it. It w...

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Quick Warcraft Gold Turn Around...
4.50 Rated 114 Time(s)

In BB(Booty Bay)there is an item at the leatherworker seller near the place Plate-en-Chain and he sells an item for 30s and u can sell it for 10g(trust me this works...atleast in my realm PS.i hope your not in my realm cus u'l run me out o biz...JK) ne how this is how i made my millions(hundr...

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Fishing and Cooking 1-125...
4.50 Rated 2 Time(s)

To start out, youll need to get the two skills fishing and cooking trainer For fishing trainers everywhere, and

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Class-Race Pairing Guide...
4.50 Rated 2 Time(s)

Guide for Class - Race Pairing

[1] Races and Classes
[2] Race, Class Strengths
[3] Race Pros and Cons
[4] Best Race/Class to Twink
[5] Fastest Race/Class to Level

[1] Races and Classes...

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Alliance Orgrimmar & Stealth Information...
4.50 Rated 2 Time(s)

It struck me that a well planned Alliance raid could, if a way were found to re-enter normal space INSIDE Orgrimmar, bypass the guards at the gate and enter the city enmasse in the soft underbelly.

I went back to the glitch and, in exploring the city in a surreal landscape of ZERO, noticed that occasionally, a player became visible for a few seconds before the void reasserted itself...

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Tradeskilling The Smart Way...
4.50 Rated 2 Time(s)

By the time I hit 30 on my first character I had really started to enjoy the tradeskills in World of Warcraft. It was obvious though, that each tradeskill took a considerably amount of resources to gain access to higher level recipes. The big kicker though, is it didn’t require a lot of time, which is where this guide comes in.

In World of Warcraft most tradeskills require two professions...

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Dire Maul West And North...
4.50 Rated 2 Time(s)

West and North Dire Maul

East Dire Maul is not included because a trained monkey can do it

Materials needed for a full run on West and North;

Crescent Key (gotten in EDM), 2 rune thread, 8 rugged leather, 4 Rune cloth bolts, 1 Thorium Widget, 1 Frost Oil

Getting to Dire Maul

Get to Theramore, and fly down to Feralas. Once there head east, stay off the main ro...

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Horde Leveling 1-60...
4.47 Rated 15 Time(s)

Horde leveling 1-60

This will be the horde section of my leveling guides, and like the Alliance one, it assumes that you are on a PvP server. If you are not on a PvP server, feel free to use both guides to your advantage, though I still would suggest these places because they are more advantageous to that race just because of the cities etc.

The horde has four races: Undead, Troll, T...

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Gold Scamming...
4.45 Rated 22 Time(s)

Hello again!

Today I thought up a scam, which has netted me 300g within 15 minutes. I'm unsure whether it has been thought of before, or posted here before but I'll go ahead anyway.

What you require

- Level 60, or ability to farm level ~25 instances.
- Alt, preferably low level.
-A blue item from a low level instance.

What to do

[Make sure there is on...

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WOW Guides - How to get 11K HP and Uncru...
4.44 Rated 9 Time(s)

Ok as promised here is my gear list..

Now before i go into this there are few things everyone should know about paladins (and all these can be looked up on the armory if you care to do a little research and know ANYTHING about math.

These are:

Pally base HP is 3377
When you add in stam (including the base Stam) your HP gained are (Stam*10)-180

Therefore your tot...

wow gold
Phrases to Opposite Faction...
4.44 Rated 32 Time(s)

*This is a guide I wrote on how to say certain phrases and words to the opposite faction that will appear in ENGLISH to them.

-Orcish to Common (Horde to Alliance)

:You type: _______|________:Alliance see's:
101 101.......................................Zug Zug

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Alliance powerlevel 1-70 in 8 days Prt7...
4.43 Rated 7 Time(s)

36-37 Alterac Mountains

1) Go to the Town Hall and turn in 'Further Mysteries' accept 'Dark Council' and

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Trick Low Levels for Easy Ganking...
4.38 Rated 8 Time(s)

1) Play as a player that can stealth or has a vanishing potion.
2) Make a targeting dummy or buy one from an engineer.
3) Drop the dummy near a starter town.
4) Cloak
5) Wait for low levels to attack it.
6) Easy kills and fun for all.

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Alliance Leveling Guide...
4.37 Rated 68 Time(s)

This guide pretty much kicks ass.I will show you were to grind and
quest from levels 1-40 and from 55-70.
Starting area (darnassus,elwynn,dun morogh,azuremyst isle)Do LOTS of questing in these areas, dont even grind at all. This should get you to level 10-12. The best starting place is dun morogh.

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Fly upside down...
4.33 Rated 12 Time(s)

I havent seen this here yet, so Ill post it.
make a macro, then insert '/console pitchlimit 99999999'.
put the macro on a actionbar, press it once. take up your flying mount, or flying form, and do loops.

/console pitchlimit 90 goes back to default.

This is allowed in Wow. You cannot get warned, suspended, or banned for it....

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SMV farm netherweave cloth greens blues...
4.33 Rated 3 Time(s)

Anyways I just ran into a great find, I have been questing with a friend and I got the quest called [69] Harbingers of Shadowmoon in SMV.

It gives you gogs u put on and you can see ghosts in Wildhammer Stronghold and kill them. You need to kill 12 to complete the quest but after u kill 12 you can keep killing even more. They are really great way of farming ...

wow gold
Guide to Mining and Goldsmithing...
4.33 Rated 3 Time(s)

The key for all aspiring young blacksmiths is finding the raw material you will need to craft your creations. Therefore it is highly recommended that you take up the complementary skill mining along with blacksmithing or have several friends who are dedicated to mining for you. Like other materials related crafts blacksmithing requires 1 skill point to become an apprentice, 3 additional skill poin...

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Shaman Totem Guide...
4.33 Rated 9 Time(s)

Well seeming as i play a shaman. And i have a 60 shaman, i thought i would give a totem guide. How you get all the saptas to be able to use your totems.
Well here goes :)

1. Call of Earth
(A) Earth Sapta
Go into the Brambleblade Ravine, it's the thorny cave area in the southeast corner
of Mulgore. Fight through and kill shamans until they drop the water. Take the
water back ...

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Newbie's Guide to the Outlands...
4.33 Rated 3 Time(s)

Newbie's Guide to the OutlandsTo Start-

* You enter Outland through the Dark Portal in The Blasted Lands
* There are NO class trainers in Outland
* There is NO Auction House in Outland
* There are NO Grand Master profession trainers on the old continents; they are all in Outland

The Alliance profession trainers for 300-375 are at Honor Hold (unless otherwise noted):


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Warcraft Level 1-60 in 7 days WoW Guide...
4.33 Rated 6 Time(s)

Horde Grinding Spots:

0-15 - Questing fastest possible exp.15-20 - The Barrens - Harpies *15-20 - The Barrens - Bristleback(s) *20-25 - The Barrens - Bael Dun Exavs *20-25 - Hillsbrad - Hillsbrad Farmers (etc)22-26 - Thousand Needles - Galak Scouts (etc) *26-30 - Hillsbrad - Mud Gnolls *25-30 - Thousand Needles - Grimtotems30-38 - Shimmering Flats - All monsters. *38-40 - Dustswallow Swamp ...

wow gold
Lethals Alliance 1-70 Guide...
4.30 Rated 10 Time(s)



I hopefully made this point around, this is more of a 'pocket' guide that;
If your familiar with your class, and faction; you will have no trouble
understanding this, th...

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WOW Cheats Multiple Pets Out at Once...
4.25 Rated 8 Time(s)

This has been posted before but I think it was nerfed if not sorry for posting this,but it now works again.
Make a macro saying
/use (petname)
for example
/use Red Dragonhawk Hatchling
and you would put this over and over and over through the macro until maxed out. Then you would add it to your quick use bar and voila! The multiple pets will not stay but its funny to see and ot...

wow gold
Kharzan Attunement...
4.25 Rated 4 Time(s)

The attunement for Karazhan quest line, the 10man raid instance and stepping stone (gear and strategy wise) for the 25man raids, is as follows.

It starts with 2 quests in Deadwind Pass, all the way south, just outside of Karazhan itself.

wow gold
Detailed WoW Gold Guides...
4.25 Rated 16 Time(s)

There are many ways to make gold in WoW:
Grinding, Tradeskills, Etc.

However none are as effective as Reselling . or ' Buying low and selling High ' .

This strategy can be applied to any MMORPG, I started doing it in Everquest years ago, it worked well for me back then and it has worked very well for me in WoW as well. I have made somewhere in the ballpark of 80,000g in the 7 ...

wow gold
Warcraft Lock Picking Guide...
4.22 Rated 9 Time(s)

by Laenis

Q. How do I get the skill lockpicking?
A. You must buy the skill from your trainer at level 16. Then you can complete the quest that trainer gives you to get free thieves tools (or buy them at 15 silver (or so).

Q. Okay, I have the quest, but my skill is super low I can't complete the quest, what now?
A. In the same area as your lockpicking quest, there should be...

wow gold
A WoW Glider Alternative - AutoIt 3.1.0...
4.20 Rated 5 Time(s)

If you can't pay for Glider - the only free macro which works well is located here -

Another download here if the above isn't working.

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Alliance powerlevel 1-70 in 8 days Prt16...
4.20 Rated 5 Time(s)

Shadowmoon Valley 69-70

1) You should be 60-65% to 70 now
2) Go SE to the WIldhammer Stronghold at 39,53
3) Outside the gates is Wing Commander Nuainn, accept 'Besieged!' then turn around and kill the inf...

wow gold
See Ghosts...
4.20 Rated 5 Time(s)

If you have a warlock cast 'Detect invisibility' on you, you can see Lorderon Citizens on your way in to Undercity. They are lvl 15, and drop linen, and some copper. It'd be a good lowbie lvling spot if you could get detect invisibility on you at that lvl :/

This also works for the people in Darrowshire and on that island Scholo is on, only they are lvl 55ish, not 15....

wow gold
Enchanting Guide...
4.20 Rated 5 Time(s)

What profession type is Enchanting?
mary. It counts against your 2 profession limit.
Service oriented really. You don’t have any product. You enhance already existing product.

What’s good about Enchanting?
You can enhance already good items to be even better, adding stats, defense, effects, and (on weapons) particle (glow) effects. Overall it allows people to customize their gear...

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World of Warcraft Inflated AH Prices...
4.20 Rated 5 Time(s)

You will need:

1x Rare-ish Item (Preferably a BoE epic or very good blue)

2x World of Warcraft characters

1x Server filled with idiots


1. Take your rare-ish item, for example a Shadowblade (epic dagger) and put it ongrossly overpriced amount (like 500g or something).

2. Log on an alternate character, preferably one that will get use out...

wow gold
Speak too a chinese gold farmer...
4.15 Rated 13 Time(s)

# ni hao - hello, how are you?
# ni men hao - Hello you all.
# Wan shang hao? - Whats up? (lit: where are you going?)
# hen gao xing ren shi nin - I am very happy to meet you.
# Shen-ti hao ma How are you?
# Zao an - Good morning
# Wu an - Good afternoon
# Wan shang hao! - Good evening!

Greeting Responses
# Hen hao, nin ne? - Very well, and you?
# Bu ...

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WOW Cheats Easy Solo Kills For XP Money...
4.14 Rated 7 Time(s)

Don't know if this would be considered a worthwhile exploit or not but if you do the quest series in Nagrand that takes you to the bar. The one where you have to collect the debt from 3 diffrent npcs - Well don't turn in the quest, just keep asking the ogre at the bar for the debt and he will continue to respawn within 5-10sec of death and drop about 50 silver each time. He's really easy to solo a...

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Easy Gold Once A Day Teremus The Devoure...
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How to Unlock 1.9 AQ Unlocking Guide...
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WoW Gold Fast - Rags to Riches...
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1K Gold An Hour, Level 60 Mage - World o...
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Jewelcrafting 1-300 For Burning Crusade...
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How to change models...
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Trivia Bot 2 point 3 Hacked Its an addon...
4.75 Rated 4 Time(s)
Lethals Pocket Guide to Efficient Leveli...
4.75 Rated 8 Time(s)
Fishing Bot...
4.75 Rated 4 Time(s)
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